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Looking to the Cards

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I am currently pregnant with my third baby at the moment and my nesting has shown up for me in a couple different ways. One is the typical house stuff. I am in full organizing and re-decorating mode while I try to set the space for a new soul to come into the world. The other way my nesting has appeared is through a lot of mind jargon. Blah. My mind is constantly racing in an effort to make sure that I am on the right road professionally so that I can not only provide some finances to my family, but meet my career goals while encompassing all the services that I provide.

As you might imagine this heady place is very tiresome. So I decided to play…

Whether you use tarot, angel, zen, medicine cards, or the like on a regular basis, just for fun occasionally, or never at all I do believe that it can provide a paradigm shift for anyone. It gives us another lens to look from and ask questions. The other day I pulled three cards from the OSHO Zen Tarot deck. I like pulling three cards when I am just looking for a quick re-frame. It allows me to take a curious and deep look at something with a bit of balance. Yes, I just said three gives me balance. The third card is the tie breaker, the mediator, the unifying force.

-I must say that over the last couple of weeks I have been asking my guides to direct me OUT of my head and lay upon my path the options that fit not only my career pieces already in play, but the value set that my husband and I have already set for our family.

These are the cards that I pulled. Beyond Illusion. Receptivity. Maturity.

Of course each card is a wealth of information. They not only give us images, but questions to ask, and insights to soak in as we will.

To keep it simple though for the sake of a blog, as a coach, I first look at these cards and ask.

"What do these images have to say about my path?" I might ask myself or a client, “If you were play with the idea that these cards could provide you a message, what would that message be?” And, “How do you want to be from this place?”

Looking at the first card, Beyond Illusion, I see a butterfly in the forefront. It is beautiful yes, but in constant motion-busy-and on the outside. Looking further I can see a man behind the butterfly. He is still. He seems to be looking within and open to receiving messages from G-d and his guides.

From the Receptivity card I see the feminine form. She is open and flowing the energy of water (motion/clarity). She is connected to the divine energy that she can harness for support.

And the third card I pulled is Maturity. He is a man who is full of new life, mature life, and strength-from within and without.

From here I can see that the headiness does not support me. Yes, it is important to analyze certain aspects of change, like “Is there a financial cost of xyz?”, “Is there an emotional exchange that the family cannot handle?” And, “Do I REALLY want to walk this path?”

But what I will take away from this is to not ignore my core-self, to stay open and receive help from others and the universe during this time, to know that all the power to venture this path already exists within me, and to stay open to flow-creativity-passion-and spirit.

So I ask you, “Where are you closing yourself off from yourself and allowing the outside world to determine your future instead of making these choices from the flow within and above?”

To a Confident, Sexy, Love filled life! Kimberly Lindsay,  BA, CPCC, ORSCC, IBCLC

Mental Fitness Coach for Spiritual & Creative Moms:

Who are ready to ditch their saboteurs so they can show up

as the partner, parent, and person they want to be - getting back to self and back to roots.

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