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When I found out about Kimberly’s online Skpye childbirth classes, I was pretty late in my pregnancy.  Time was not in my favor.  Although I am pregnant with my fourth daughter, I still wanted a refresher birthing class.  I have had three very different birth experiences and wanted my last to be as natural and unassisted as I possibly can have.  After contacting Kimberly Lindsay, I was confident I would get what I needed out of a birthing class.  Because I have had three other children, Kimberly and I were able to tailor the class to fit my needs while following a thorough outline to ensure we did not miss anything.  I was extremely pleased with the service I received, and got more information than I expected.  I was glad to get information based on personal experiences along with information about my rights in the hospitals.  After the class time was over, I felt like I was dealing with a family member and not just a teacher.  I would recommend this class to everyone. 

Melody & Chris B., Houston, TX

Kimberly, I am sitting near my beautiful wife watching her as we begin this very early stage of labor.  Her waves are every 20 minutes apart or so and don’t take much concentration yet…I thought this the perfect opportunity to say thank you for the program “Your Parent Process” that we took with you.  We are so aware of how we want to bring our little boy into the world and how we have chosen to parent him.  I am currently feeling empowered and confident.  I think I might have a bit of Oxytocin flowing through me right now.  I look forward to completing soon and processing our birth story with you.

Mary & Max., Dallas, TX

I have been coaching with Kimberly for approximately two years and during that time she has coached me through some challenging circumstances.  Over our time coaching together I have come to feel like a different person. I have grown in so many ways, and I’m almost 60. I have learned how to take charge of my life.  I have learned when to say no, what I should and should not do. And most important I have learned how to do live without guilt and without hesitation.

Linda R., Fort Worth, TX

HI Kimberly, I’m not sure if you remember me I took your class about 5 months ago at CVMC.  I just wanted to let you know that your class was very helpful.  I ended up with a very long labor and opted for the epidural before it was all over and done.  But the relaxation techniques that you showed us and the information that you provided helped me get as far as I did without medication.  I didn’t think I’d even make it that far.  Yay me!

My husband and I were looking for a birth class to accommodate his unpredictable work schedule.  Kimberly Lindsay was the right teacher for us because she came highly recommended and she was also able to accommodate our schedule.  She gave us invaluable information that influenced us to hire a doula during my birth process.  She also clearly explained what an epidural l did to the body and I was shocked at what it did that I had made a conscious choice to not have it during my birth process. Kimberly empowered my husband and I to make decisions that truly gave both of us an amazing birth experience.  Hiring a doula was money well worth spent to alleviate the stress for my whole family. Kimberly is a patient and well-informed teacher.

Wendy & Joe L., 

San Francisco

Monica R., LA, CA

My Husband and I found Kimberly Lindsay’s couples life coaching to be extremely helpful for our transition from being a couple to a family.  As we approached the day of our baby’s birth we had decisions to make looming over our heads and unrealized differences that could have potentially caused major conflict if not resolved.  One unrealized difference we found though coaching was how we planned to communicate to the outside world and family about our birthing process.  My tech savvy husband had planned to tweet progress during my labor.  The last thing I wanted was personal data permanently posted into the cyber world!  Once he realized my feelings, we were able to work together to create a plan that allowed him to still share data but only with those whom I had approved.  This also led us into discussing meta-skills during the labor process that we wanted to embrace. ​


After our baby arrived, Kimberly helped us to embrace the many roles we found ourselves in.  It became very easy to see the other person as the role they were playing verses who they truly are as a person.  We found Kimberly’s guidance to look at the many roles each of us played and how they help our family to function, yet not to see those roles as what makes the person.  We realized that views our parents had and roles they played during our childhoods affected the way we were treating each other without those actually being our own perspectives.Time management becomes a whole new issue with a little one to care for.  Even before our daughter’s arrival, it was challenging.  Kimberly helped us focus and pick the top priorities for each day.  This helped me not feel overwhelmed and allowed Luke to know what I wanted and needed done without the daunting never-ending list.  This is still a useful practice for us.  


One of the most useful tools Kimberly gave us was the wheel of pie that we created with our priorities and what we wanted in our lives and family.  We rated their importance and then graded ourselves on how we felt we were doing.  This really helped us visualize where we were falling behind in our desires and allowed us to see that we were succeeding in other areas.  This tool also really helped me gain perspective on where my work fit in.  At the time, work seemed very important.  After looking at our wheel, I could see that for our family, it was keeping other more important needs unmet.  I was finally able to let go of my work and embrace new things verses seeing quitting as a failure.  If your hands are already full, how can you pick up more things?  I had to make space, and work was on the bottom of the importance list.  I still look at the wheel to see what we are forgetting and to be sure we are heading in the direction. 


We are very thankful for the positive experience we both had in transitioning into parenthood.  It was amazing what we would find bouncing around in our heads that we didn’t even know was there until taking a moment in coaching to realize it and work through it. 

Monica & Luke D., Seattle, WA

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