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Congratulations you are planning and preparing for your parenting endeavor. 


Bringing forth new life is the highest form of creation, a true miracle.  This is a time full of shifts. It's not just your homones and body that are changing. Your relationship with your partner changes too.  You are shifting from couplehood and into parenthood. 

Pregnancy Coaching and Consulting is a tool to help you (and your partner) through the transition into parenthood. Come discover what lies ahead.


Many Individuals and Couples like to coach around topics such as:


* Conscious conception

* Adjusting to pregnancy

* Upcoming labor and childbirth

* Designing a Parenting Alliance

(What does parenting mean, look, and feel like for each person?)



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It is said that parenting is the hardest job you'll ever do. I agree.


You have this new person to love, to nurture, to teach, to guide… and sometimes it's hard. I know that you're sleep deprived, learning the needs of a new person while juggling your own needs too. And, we aren't given any time to process our birth experiences before we are tossed in the deep end of newborn life. 


I know that the days can feel overwhelming, but know that you do not have to walk through it without support. 


Many Individuals and Couples like to coach around topics such as:


* Processing the labor and birth experience 

* Exploring your new parenting role

* Staying connected as a couple

* Going back to work

Designed Parenting Alliance

$ 1100

6 sessions (One 90 min + Five 60 mins)

As a coach, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant we will seamlessly address these topics in your Designed Parenting Alliance.

Labor & Birth


Transitioning into Parenthood

Your relationship with your partner

Newborn care

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