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To be the best parent you can be, you need to be the best you, you can be.


Saboteurs are great at eating us alive.




It's time to stop our inner cycle of self treachery. As parents, when we do this, we will be modeling to our kids a healthier way to live. 


* I'm not a good parent. I'm making all the wrong choices, and if I don't do it 'right' I will screw my kids up.


* I'm so overwhelmed and suck at spending quality time with my kids. 


* My childhood was tough, how can I possibly be providing them anything better?


* There are more of them than me and I can't keep my head up. I feel like I'm drowning in other people's needs. 


* I want to not yell at them, but dang it, I can't stop.


* I'm so stressed, that I am spiraling. How can I take any time for self-care?


THESE ARE ALL SABOTEUR VOICES. It all feels very real, of course! And, there is a way out of the downward funnel. There is a way to live and parent with ease. 


It all starts with recognizing the voices that are speaking into our life. Naming them and labeling them as false and limiting. 


It's true we need discernment so we know how to create and live fully, but we do NOT NEED TO SELF-SABOTAGE.  Not only does that not feel good, but it doesn't come from God.  

Stop the negative self talk so you can...

Be fully empowered for your birth experience - so you are prepared to speak up for your labor goals and meet your labor journey with strength and peace. 


Make heart centered breastfeeding goals, so you can meet any potential obstacle with a clear mind, confidence, and trust in your choices.  


To understand and heal any past birth or breastfeeding concern. 

Be the parent you want to be - no more parent guilt.  You don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be perfect.

Know that doing your best is the ‘right’ way.  

Choose your parenting paradigm – it doesn’t have to be the way your parents parented you. 


Parent from your whole self, not your saboteurs and avoid unhealthy patterning for your kids. 


Have breakthroughs with your kids and partner. 


Co-create and design your parenting alliance with your partner by mapping out your parenting blueprint based on your individual and partnership values. 

Have the energy flow and love that you desire to experience in your relationships, by learning how to stop self-sabotaging.

Radically love yourself, even with all your perceived imperfections.


* Conscious conception

* Adjusting to pregnancy

* Upcoming labor and childbirth

* Designing a Parenting Alliance

(What does parenting mean, look, and feel like for each person?)


* Explore your original breastfeeding expectations and value system
* Design an individualized breastfeeding blueprint
* Step into a healing place, where needed


* Processing the labor and birth experience 

* Exploring your new parenting role

* Staying connected as a couple

* Going back to work

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