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Moving from struggle to spark, from thought to form

I know all too well about putting creative pursuits on hold during the early parenting years.


At times it’s mentally necessary. Other times it’s emotionally necessary. And then there are the times when it’s physically necessary, as we just can’t do certain things with kids crawling all over and under us.


None of that’s wrong, it’s just what it is, sometimes. If you're in this place, trying to find your creative voice and spark again, I get it.


There will come a time when the window opens back up again and you feel an in-breath - when you hear your sage voice say, 'You got this'. Are you there now?


Maybe you dream of making a piece of music, film, to write more, host a podcast. Maybe your creative drive is handwork - knitting, woodworking, or painting.


Whatever it is that is within you, you can create it. You can move it from struggle to spark, from thought to form. Whatever it is you wish to create in the world, it is possible. I have the tools to help you, but trust that the keys are within you -led by your inner sage.


The world needs your message, your art, your gift. The world needs you.

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Here is me being my creative self.

I have loved photography since I was a teenager. My first class in college was photography. I had a film camera and learned to develop in the darkroom.  It was a blast. Technology has changed a great deal, but my passion for this art has not.  

Every image on my site is taken by me. 

*With the exception of some images in my blogs and graphics. 

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