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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Recently I wrote about finding home and stated that HOME seems to be the place that when you get there your souls feels settled. I have one gal pal in particular that when we get together our conversation often leads to where we would move next, what place has everything that we value and look for in HOME. I always get a kick out of this because we are often sitting on her beautiful patio which is completely surrounded by pine trees and mountain views. It is truely a majestic location. And yet when she talks to me and tells me what HOME is to her it is not this place. Her heart is somewhere else. I don't know yet if my soul is settled where I am. But for me, for now, I have come to learn that a big part of being HOME is about commitment and living in the NOW. I am a dreamer; I have no doubt about that fact! I often live way out in the future, while my husband is very present based, so actually we make quite a wonderful balance. However, this kind of living can lead to a feeling of emptiness in certain situations.

So here I am deciding with my whole heart to live in the now and be committed to here. No longer will I put off projects around my house thinking, "Well what if we move." Or, "Is that too much of an upgrade if we rent out the house one day?" Because to put things off means I don't trust where I am. It means I would be putting off living.

So in the garden beds go.

Out with the old couch and in with the new.

New kitchen countertops, excellent.

Paint the shed, sounds awesome. Not only will these things make my house feel more like me, they will help bring grounding to where I am now, by literally putting roots into the ground and painting my foundation (ok, walls). Might we still move, yes. Do I still feel like there are neighborhoods that are more 'special' than where I live now, yes. Can I get on my little cruiser bike with my cute little straw basket and bike to the farmers market from my house, no.

There are things that I'm still looking for, yet I have fully come to the understanding that there is no way I can fully reach my highest potential, be my best me, the best wife, the best mom, the best at my work when I'm living somewhere else in my mind. So I am here. In the now. Committed. Grounded. And loving it! You can ever only fully live your life when you are IN your life. How about you? Where are you living? Are you in THE NOW or are you STUCK in the past or in the HEADINESS of your future?

Don't get me wrong dreaming about the future is NOT a bad thing. It is how we create with intention for our fututre. It is how we get the life we want to be living. BUT there is a line where we can become all heady without action and without living. When this happens we are letting life happen around us and to us. We are no longer IN THE NOW and LIVING IN THE MOMENT WITH INTENTION.

Heal your past ~ Create your future ~ LIVE NOW

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