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Break-up with your Fear and Embrace Self-Love

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

There is a saying, “We teach what we need to learn” and I have recently been confronted with this concept of self-love. It had been over a decade since my last visit to the dentist. I was never one who was afraid of the dental chair. I just found myself in my early twenties, on my own, broke, and care of my teeth took last place in the line of ‘things to do’. As years passed by however I became too scared to go thinking that I would get 'in trouble' from the dentist for not being there sooner. So what happened? I kept putting it off. I brushed and flossed. I had a healthy mouth, I thought. Then the day came that I finally went to get my teeth cleaned, an act of SELF-LOVE, and then the bombshell, mild to medium periodontal disease. I’ve racked my brain trying to imagine all the times I’ve flossed in the last 10 plus years, impossible by the way, thinking what if this and that. Sure events could have been different, but they weren’t and I cannot what if. The truth is I will never be able to go back in time. I will never know if my issue was created 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or if it was just a continual creation over time. Going through my memory bank and mentally punishing myself is futile and non-productive. So what now, live in my cave of self-punishment? Or empty my cup of shame here for the earth to take away releasing my hurt and pain and most importantly forgiving myself. How do we do that, forgive ourselves, a key factor in self-love? We TRUST that we are whole beings capable of healing. We TRUST that we are WORTHY of being LOVED. We become CHAMPIONS for ourselves. And if it helps you move forward we look for the lesson in the event. Something that we can take away, grow from, and teach to others. Whatever steps you take that help you move forward and are positive reflection of self-love. For to love yourself means you care enough about YOU that you KNOW YOU DESERVE PEACE, JOY, and LOVE in ABUNDANCE. YOU ARE CAPABLE YOU ARE WORTHY YOU ARE LOVED Are you having trouble believing this or fully embodying the energy? Use this mantra, or any other words that speak to you positively. I am capable of healing. I am worthy of love. I forgive myself. I release that which does not serve (be specific if you can). I love myself. Each morning when you get up meditate with this mantra. Start you day with positive affirmation and visualization. If you need a pick-me-up during the day do it again. See your fear, limiting beliefs, and doubt fall away. Give it away, toss it away, whatever works for you and in its place fill yourself with light and love. Self love: the ability to ‘mess up’ without believing that you are a failure - forgive, let go and move forward – recognize, appreciate and respect all that you are – see yourself in all conditions and love yourself unconditionally.

To a Confident, Sexy, Love filled life! Kimberly Lindsay,  BA, CPCC, ORSCC, IBCLC

Mental Fitness Coach for Spiritual & Creative Moms:

Who are ready to ditch their saboteurs so they can show up

as the partner, parent, and person they want to be - getting back to self and back to roots.

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