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What Pattern are You Giving Your Mind to Follow

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

The mind is our big creative powerhouse and we get to choose how we use it. We are continually choosing thoughts and initiating actions from our conscious mind that form patterns in our deeper mind.

If yelling at our kid is ‘second nature’ it is because we have consciously made a choice to yell at them enough times that our deeper mind continually takes that action.   

If every morning we wake up and think, ‘Ok brace yourself, the battle is about to begin.’  Then from our very first moments of the day we send a signal to our deeper mind to get the guard ready.  Of course, the deeper mind will follow suit and be on guard all day. 

But, if we start choosing to take a deep breath before we open our mouth each time we become triggered, our deeper mind will learn a new pattern.

If we wake up and set our mind with good thoughts/intentions/feelings for our day then we will begin to have a new pattern emerge, one we like.  



Here are some thoughts we can choose to support healthy actions and life.

I will take a deep breath before I speak when I feel triggered.

I can choose a different response; one that I feel is healthy.

My kid is allowed all of their feelings, just like I am allowed all of my feelings.

Today I will choose to be led by open communication with my family.  

It does not matter what happens; I can still choose connection first. 

Today is a gift in my life and I look forward to seeing what shows up.

I have the strength and love within me that I need, and I KNOW I can handle my day. 

To a Confident, Sexy, Love filled life! Kimberly Lindsay,  BA, CPCC, ORSCC, IBCLC

Mental Fitness Coach for Spiritual & Creative Moms:

Who are ready to ditch their saboteurs so they can show up

as the partner, parent, and person they want to be - getting back to self and back to roots.

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