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God Unowned

Do you know what businesses can’t do?

What governments can’t do?

And what employers can’t do?

THEY CAN’T CONTROL or OWN GOD - The Living Spirit Almighty.

They do not get to tell me anything about my relationship with God, and they certainly don't have any rights to "Approve" of my personal belief practices.

I believe that philosopher and religious leader Dr. Ernest Holmes says it best, “I believe in God, the Living Spirit Almighty; one, indestructible, absolute and self-existent Cause. This One manifests itself in and through all creation, but is not absorbed by its creation.”

Since God is not absorbed by its creation NOBODY owns God, NOT even organized faith traditions can own rhymes and reasons and parts of God.

God belongs to every single person.

God is in and through every single person.

God expresses through every single person.

The good, the love, and the light of us is God expressing through us.

My way, and your way, and his way, and her way, and their way of expressing God might be different, but God is the good of all of us.

God does not belittle. God does not turn away from us. And God does not coerce us. Those are actions of humans and dogma who are not connected, in alignment, serving and expressing as the Great Divine.

Because we have free will we can choose to do that, but do not be confused, those expressions are not the unconditional light and love of the One Creator.

God is not the hurt, the pain, the drama, and the chaos.

God is the Good. The realness and the truth.

We can throw a blanket on that light. We can ignore that light. We can turn from that light. But God does not cease to exist throughout this world, throughout all the living creatures, beings, and humanity.

So brothers and sisters I stand with you. I stand with preserving your holy temple however that fits you best. I stand with you in your abundance of goodness, your faith, your prosperity, and your beliefs.

Your relationship with God is holy and sacred. It unfolds and becomes however it does on your path of life, and it is uniquely yours!!!!

Let no one tell you that your faith and relationship with God, your Source, is not valid or worthy of salvation, life, or liberty!

Rev. Kimberly Lindsay

Ministerial Counseling

Mental Fitness Consulting for Spiritual Leaders

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