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Oops, Sorry About My Kid...

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Do you find yourself leaving play dates apologizing for your kids?

"I am so sorry my kid beat up your kid today!"

"Sorry my son was acting like he was on crack today!"

"Oh my gosh. I am horrified she broke that toy. I'll buy a new one tomorrow. Sorry!"

And PS..."Please don't hate me! We can do this again right...soon?"

These play dates leave my head reeling and loaded with questions. Is this just my kid?

Why does she not listen?

Can he not just be gentle, calm, and can boys please get together and not have to wrestle?

My oldest is a five-year-old boy so I certainly do not have the answers or insight into how this energy will shift. What I have noticed is that it does not matter if your kid is in daycare, public school, or even homeschooled. All kids have an influx of big emotions and energy. No matter how they are raised or schooled. *** Because they are not good-they are not bad-they just are. Their world and job is to learn how to process these waves of emotions and energy. And when kids get together they feed off each other each playing a role in both teaching and learning. We (parents and caregivers) cannot shut down these feelings, but instead provide a safe environment to allow their experience to happen. But oh my is it hard, constantly keeping us on our toes, and often times our nerves on edge. What I have to say to all my friends is not an apology for my kids big waves of emotions and their high energy, but a thank you for holding us in your heart and helping me create a safe space for each of our children to learn together. It won't always be easy, but I know we will be here raising a generation of children who are in touch with their feelings and learning to express them in safe and productive ways. Although as we see it can take time and aren't they worth it.

Cheers to our collective future generation.

To a Confident, Sexy, Love filled life! Kimberly Lindsay,  BA, CPCC, ORSCC, IBCLC

Mental Fitness Coach for Spiritual & Creative Moms:

Who are ready to ditch their saboteurs so they can show up

as the partner, parent, and person they want to be - getting back to self and back to roots.

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