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Parent Support Package 




What is included

My passion is in supporting expecting and new families in the transition into parenthood.  Becoming a parent is a big myth change

and this is true from welcoming your first child into the world or your 7th.  Life will for ever be different.  


This Spring and Summer I will be offering a few select folks the opportunity to name thier coaching price.  





* A first time mom with a new baby 6 months or younger.  


* A single parent (mom or dad) with young children living in the home with you.


* A mom who is returning back to work after maternity leave.  


* If you are pregnant and without the support of your partner. 


* A mother healing from a miscarriage. 


* A pregnant couple transitioning into parenthood.  

* A ONE HOUR discovery session where we will discuss your coaching agenda and design our alliance together.


* 3 ~ONE HOUR private (or couple) coaching sessions.




Who is eligible
How this works


The value of this package is $525. Clients will pay the $150 discovery session fee and name thier price for the remaining package, because I believe that sometimes we can all use some extra support.  

I will only be accepting THREE clients (individuals and couples) at a time for this offer. 


You must fit into one of the categories listed above and be a legal adult (or have your parent sign a coaching consent form) to participate.  


The discovery session fee is due at the time of booking.  The remaining fee can be paid in payments as long as each payment is received ahead of our coaching session.

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