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There is no other day, but today.

No other moment, but this one.

No past to go back to.

No future to grab.

Just this moment.

I breathe into it.

I exhale out of it.

And breathe in the next.

Each moment - one by one.

I got this. 

How It Works:

After we decide to work together we will begin our designed alliance with a discovery session, usually two hours in length.  Here we will create our coaching relationship space and begin to uncover where you are and where you want to go based on your own values and goals.  Our designed alliance is a living and breathing relationship between us, and always changeable for your highest and best good.

A pivotal difference between 1-on-1 coaching  and family systems is that I'm not coaching an individual, but the "voice of the system".  What we call the "third entity".  This gives your relationship a voice; a platform from which to stand, be heard, and discover. 


Our time together is about YOU.  As the master designer of your world, you bring the agenda to our sessions, and we will "dance in the moment". Co-Active coaching takes into account that we are systemic beings and one action or situation can affect another.  So we will work with your whole life.   


I stand firm in the belief that you are "creative, resourceful, and whole".  You don't need fixed.  In fact, I CANNOT fix you, or your situation. Our sessions are not about me doling out instruction on how to live your life, but rather equipping you with a strong set of skills to make the changes in your life that you seek.


It will take you being willing to look at your life patterns, beliefs, and values.  Are you willing to look?  Are you willing to make changes?  If you're not sure, ask yourself, "What is the cost of not doing it?"  I KNOW that if you are willing, your life can be what you desire. 


In combination with my training through the Co-Active Training Institute, I also include the work from CRR Global, formerly The Center for Right Relationship, an Advanced Coach Training Program and creator of the world-renowned curriculum, ORSC: Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching.  ORSC draws upon the work and research of people such as John Gottman and Arnold and Amy Mindell, among others. I also incorporate the Positive Intelligence operational system in to our sessions.


If you are in a childbearing/breastfeeding journey our work may include consulting from my lens as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant, which will be deigned into our alliance. 

Investment: Fees and Time

Coaching & Consulting are tools that can be used to open the door for exploration, to invite change and forward movement on your journey in life.  Most people find that a commitment of 3 to 6 months provides the foundation desired to fully bring forth their new habits, roles, goals...Sessions are usually over the phone 2 or 3 times a month and 45 min in length. Price varies depending on how often and long we meet.

Breastfeeding Break-up: Program Details

There are two packages to choose from.  The base package is for moms who are done with their breastfeeding journey and still want to process their experience.  It is 4 hours and the extended package is for moms who are planning to breastfeed again.  That package is 6 hours.


Both packages begin first with a Discovery Session; a 2-hour consult where we go through your breastfeeding questionnaire that you will receive ahead of time.  We will cover your previous goals, complications, where you are now, and more.

Then we will have two 1-hour process sessions encompassed with breastfeeding education, information, and support.  If you are complete with your breastfeeding journey this will complete the 4-hour package.  However, if you are here because you want to breastfeed again we will meet again for a breastfeeding management and planning session so you have tips and tools tailored to you based on your goals and previous experiences.  And we will complete your package with our last session, the Breastfeeding Check-In after your babes arrives.

Breastfeeding Break-up

Base Package

4 hours


Breastfeeding Break-up

Extended Package

6 hours


Breastfeeding Break-up

Additional hours can be added for $125 an hour or in a bundle of three hours for $300

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