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Breastfeeding Break-up

I consider Breastfeeding Break-up a cessation of breastfeeding caused from distress. This is not the natural weaning that evolves when mother and child are mutually done.

Breastfeeding Break-up is often sad and can leave mom, and baby, with unmet needs and grief. 

From the moment we find out we are expecting, our role as Mother begins.  Our body, actually before conception, starts caring for this new little being right away.  And most of the time, we too begin making conscious efforts to live a healthier and more protective life for our little bundle. We might choose to start cutting out excess sugar from our diet, we decide not to go skiing this winter; we are making decisions for two. 


And one of the decisions we are all faced with is how we will feed our baby once they are in our arms.

For some mothers this is a no brainer.  "Of course I am going to breastfeed."  Others, take time to research their options and sit with the feelings and commitment it requires.

But what happens when those hopes and dreams for breastfeeding are not met with real life easy and success?  Once you noticed that you had a problem, maybe you were not able to find an IBCLC for clinical support and to cheer you forward. Maybe there was not a helpful network of moms who walked your path. It is HARD.  And it is most often not a one-step and done fix. This leaves many moms without the strength to keep going and the baby without the healing or help they need to feed at the breast well.

There are numerous reasons that a mom might quit breastfeeding, from a lack of partner and family support, a baby who has structural problems that makes latching at the breast difficult, baby might have food sensitivities from mom's diet, shallow latching causing severe nipple damage, thus making feeding painful and emotional, sometimes unrelated health problems in mom or baby negatively impacts the breastfeeding relationship.  These are some of the reasons moms end breastfeeding earlier than desired, for both mom and baby.  Maybe the reason you stopped is here and maybe it is something else altogether.

Clients who come to coaching for Breastfeeding Break-up support are usually moms who still want to breastfeed their next baby and want to process and clear their last journey.  However, if you are done with your breastfeeding journey and you still want to process it and look for understanding about your experiences you can certainly still get coaching.
What is unique to this process when working with me is that I use both my coaching lens to guide you through your previous breastfeeding relationship and my expertise as an IBCLC to help answer the questions you have about breastfeeding that led you to your Breastfeeding Break-up.
Together we will:
* Explore your original breastfeeding expectations and value system
* Process the events that came up, mom and/or baby related, that might have negatively impacted breastfeeding
* Discover from the lactation perspective insight and understanding that could have contributed to the previous outcomes
* Step into a healing place
And if you are planning to breastfeed again in the future:
* I will support you in realigning your breasting goals with your new information
* Design a breastfeeding management plan that encompasses your previous experiences and your new goals
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