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Coaching & Consulting 


Wellness Coaching and Consulting is about being in connection with mind, body, and soul. 



It provides a way to harmonize with your true center. 


Are you ready to start filtering out impurities, stresses, and clutter?  Are you ready to begin playing, be present to your body, your hearts calling, and find balance with all the ‘to-dos’ in life?  Are you ready to be impacted by life in a way that creates the flow of gratitude and abundance?


Wellness coaching is for those that are looking for tools to find balance whether it be work, family, children, nutrition, or in their hobbies. It's about looking at all the different areas of your life and finding harmony. Keeping what serves you and releasing that which does not serve.


Many Individuals and Couples like to coach around topics such as:



* How they want to be parents together

* Celebrating life’s moments

* Staying connected post baby

* Conflict resolution

* Work-Life balance

* Spiritual connection

Honoring the body-getting it moving

Releasing fear-Letting Go

* Meditation

* Starting a hobby

* Balancing the chakras

* Limiting screen time and getting outdoors

* Connecting with your value system

* Stress management

* Creating community

* Abundance

* Self-trust and worth

* Honoring yourself

* Making time to do nothing

* Leadership development

Living your life whole

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