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Relationship Systems



Relationships are key in maintaining a healthy functional life.  So it is important that we keep our relationships healthy through communication (verabal and non-verbal), action, understanding, and trust.


Relationships System Coaching is a tool to bring to any relationship; it can be you and your partner, you with your partner and child(ren).  It can be just the children.  Maybe you want some coaching with one of your parents or a business partner.  A pivotal difference between Individual Coaching and Relationship Systems Coaching is that I'm not coaching an individual here but the "voice of the system" or what we call "third entity".  This gives your relationship a voice; a platform from which to stand, be heard, and discover.

With the common language of Positive Intelligence, relationships systems learn to connect through each other's whole and sage being, instead of engaging each other's saboteur voices - which leads to tension, discord, and sometimes a loss of love. 



Many Family Systems like to coach around topics such as:


* How to be parents together; what does that look like, what does that mean for each person

* How to be in labor together

* Getting "us" back post baby

* What are our new roles and how will we honor them

* Introducing a new sibling to the family

* Conflict resolution in the home

* Compassionate bedtime 

* Staying connected and engaged 



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