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Serving the Front Range of the Denver Metro

Private Consultation

Kimberly Lindsay, IBCLC

A typical session includes:


* A detailed health history for you and your baby 


* A detailed history of the birth and breastfeeding experience thus far


* A physical assessment of baby including a weight check (pre and post feeding), a gentle assessment of baby’s oral anatomy, and structual evaluation


* Observation of a breastfeeding session, including visual assessment of the breast to look for latch concerns, sore/painful nipples, positioning          



* Are you using a pump?  We will discuss proper and safe pumping to protect your nipples and supply.


* Education on newborn on feeding cues, behaviors, and body language


* Co-creation of a personalized care plan moving forward, including follow up care



In addition I will send reports to the proper health care providers for you and your baby. As well if requested I can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 


**Note that, depending on the complexity, a consultation may take additional time or follow-up visits. 






It is important that our time together is spent working towards the outcome that you envision; therefore we will focus on your breastfeeding goals and concerns. 


Lactation Services are in-home consultations and last up to 2 hours.**   Sessions include telephone and/or email 

follow-up as appropriate for the same issue for 2 weeks.  Depending on the issue a paid follow up may still be needed. 

Follow-up care:


Follow-up care is usually done 2 days after the initial consult.  Depending on the reason for your initial visit this may not be recommended, but most often follow-up care is the ideal way to go.


What you can expect at our visit:


* We will discuss how your breastfeeding relationship is progressing.


I will observe a complete feeding session again (also getting a pre and post weight for the baby).


Then we will address the care plan…what is working, what needs to be reassessed.


I will send updated forms to your Health Care Provider and supply you another superbill if requested.

Phone Consultations:


Sometimes a concern does not require an in person visit such as:


* Milk supply issues


* Returning to work


Tandem nursing


* Weaning


* Handling expectation of others in your breastfeeding experience



In-Your-Home Consultation:  $185 (1.5 hrs -2 hrs) Services beyond the deposit are CASH ONLY.

Follow-up: $90 (1hr-1.5 hrs)

Phone Consultation: $75 (1hr)


A $50 deposit is required at the time of scheduling with the balance due at the time of service.  A no-show or cancellation within 24 hours before consult will forfeit deposit. 

Travel fees:


Travel is included up to 10 miles from my home (Morrison, CO).  For travel over 10 miles a fee of $15 is charged per 10 miles. This will all be addressed before our visit.   

Preparing for Visit:


* Please have prepared any equipment that you are currently using (pump and its parts, pillows, bottles, shields, and anything else).  We will        address these items and access if they are helping you or hindering you and your baby.  


* As we will need your baby to nurse during our visit please feed him/her 2hrs before our visit.  We want your baby hungry, but not starving.   A      starving baby is not too willing to work with us. 


* If you have several issues to address it can be helpful to write these down ahead of time so we can cover them each at our initial visit.


* It can be helpful for people from your support team to attend our visit (partner-grandparent).  With that said we will be addressing your medical      health and your personal concerns.  Please let me know ahead of time if there is a part of our appointment that needs to be done in complete  privacy and what you would like your support person to attend, such as only the education piece and care plan. 


* During our visit I may recommend optional equipment to facilitate your breastfeeding.  Please know these are optional.  Some of these items I    may have on me at the time of service for additional purchase.  You are free to buy them from me or anywhere else that you desire.  

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