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Preparing For Visit

Please have prepared any equipment that you are currently using (pump and its parts, pillows, bottles, shields, and anything else).  We will address these items and assess if they are helping you or hindering you and your baby.  


As we will need your baby to nurse during our visit please feed him/her 2hrs before our visit.  We want your baby hungry, but not starving.   A starving baby is not too willing to work with us. 


If you have several issues to address it can be helpful to write these down ahead of time so we can cover them each at our initial visit.


It can be helpful for people from your support team to attend our visit (partner-grandparent).  With that said we will be addressing your medical health and your personal concerns.  Please let me know ahead of time if there is a part of our appointment that needs to be done in complete privacy and what you would like your support person to attend, such as only the education piece and care plan. 


During our visit I may recommend optional equipment to facilitate your breastfeeding.  Please know these are optional.  Some of these items I may have on me at the time of service for additional purchase.  You are free to buy them from me or anywhere else that you desire.  



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