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Pregnancy & Infant Care

Classes available in person to the Denver area & over Skype

* Not your first pregnancy? Need some refresher information? ​
Are you wanting to supplement your hospital Childbirth class with additional topics?​

* Too close to your due date for a traditional Childbirth series?​

* All of these classes except the last two are part of my full childbirth education program, but can be split up to        

   accommodate your family's needs.​
*Invite your mother or additional support person to attend the Welcoming Baby class and the Breastfeeding Ease class.

Pregnancy Nutrition & Fitness


Wondering how and what to eat while you are pregnant? This class covers the nutritional needs of mom and baby.  We will also discuss how to stay healthily fit during this time of growth.

Welcoming Baby


Bringing home your baby or babies can be daunting.  Life will certainly be different. This class covers all the essentials to being a new parent and caring for both yourself and your new love(s).

Breastfeeding Ease


You've heard "Breast is Best" but not exactly sure what its all about and what to do?  We will cover the emotional and physical benefits of breast-milk while making breastfeeding simple. My desire if for you to leave class feeling confident and empowered in your breastfeeding relationship.​

1, 2, 3's of Pregnancy and Birth


​Congratulations, you're growing a person!

​​Now come learn why your body looks and feels the way it does.  


​​Learn what your labor options are, it's your birth.

​​We will discuss the stages and phases of labor. What happens when and what to do.

Comfort Measures​


Want a little more time to cultivate a relaxation practice?  

Enhance your skills at visualization, meditation, muscle tension release, deep breathing and more.

These tools are valuable throughout your pregnancy for relaxing at the end of the day and can carry you through your birth experience. 

Preparing Space


Preparing Space is an in home consultation.

Our time is all about what you need it to be

Topics generally covered are:

What baby gear is really needed

How to baby proof

Setting up a nursery/baby space within parents room

Pumps & Bottles

Starting Solids

Confused about when to start solids?  

Not sure what to start with?

Come dispel the myths on baby food.  Learn to recognize your babies solid food readiness and find out easy ways to introduce family and baby friends to your little one.

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