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Accounting for Sleep

Unwind into better sleep ~ Gentle sleep solutions for baby and parents

Accounting for Sleep is here to help protect the sacred relationship of the parent and child by meeting baby's needs for comfort, security, love, and nutrition, while eliminating the triggers that prevent restful sleep for parents.  Sleep is pivotal for physical and mental development, healing when sick, and optimal health.  Babies need to trust in the sacred relationship and know that bedtime is not scary, a punishment, or a time of withdrawal, yet a place to securely drift of into dreamland.


I will never tell you that you should not pick up your baby.

I will never tell you to ignore their cries and not respond.

I will never tell you to not nurse your baby, if you want to or need to.


Are you struggling with any of these concerns?

* Wondering if your baby's nighttime behaviors are normal

* Ready to night wean

* Transitioning your little one to their own room

* Need smoother nap times

* Want baby to fall asleep without nursing

* Going back to work or work an unusual shift

* Are your bedtime routines chaotic

* Looking for gentle sleep solutions for your breastfed infant

* Tired, but wired

* Stressed out and sleep deprived

* Is your baby sound asleep while you lie in bed wide awake

* Drinking coffee all day to stay awake

* Are you on the verge of Breastfeeding Break-up

As a family systems coach who specializes in stress management and as an IBCLC, I have expertise in supporting the mother baby breastfeeding dyad.  All of my sleep solutions are gentle and supportive of the breastfeeding relationship, your milk supply, and your breast health.

Accounting for sleep does not promise to make your baby sleep through the night. 

Rather, we will work on:

* Gentle sleep solutions that include tips and tools to cue your little one that it's sleep time

* Develop a personalized sleep plan for your family's unique needs

* And address your daily activities and stresses that might negatively be impacting your ability to unwind into better sleep

Accounting for Sleep packages all start with a Discovery Session and Sleep Needs Evaluation and includes a 30 minute follow-up call.

Accounting for Sleep

Base Package

4.5 hours


Accounting for Sleep

Additional hours can be added for $125 an hour or in a bundle of

3 hours for $300

Check out my articles for more tips and tools.

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